Mount Moru

A strange company

Session 1

A group of travelers headed for Medowvale were greeted at the entrance to the village by Rose River who has a friendly older woman. While not having any official title you get the feeling she is kind of in charge around here. She remarks that adventures aren’t supper common around here but there are normally a couple around at any given time due to the Mount Moru and directs the group to a nearby Inn.

Five new comers to Medowvale found themselves defending the town from a goblin raid. Four goblins on goblin dogs were riding through town lighting buildings on fire. Callista, Hodor, Psymon, Elric, and Aislin were able to kill two and drive the others off. Aislin noticed four larger figures join them on the edge of town as they road off. Strangely, the goblins were all wearing the same armor, a cloud with a lightning bolt. Thinking this odd that the raid was so organized, the group set out to track the goblins down and see if there was a larger threat.

Callista spotted what would later be confirmed to be three goblins sneaking up on the group while they camped one night. She tried to wake the group quietly to prepare for a potential ambush, but Hodor awoke loudly and scared the cunning goblins off. Psymon then tried to set a trap by waiting in a tree but the goblins saw him and bided their time. The next night, thinking the same trap would be set, the goblins climbed high in the largest tree in the groups path and sure enough the same tactic was employed by Psymon. He was caught totally unaware when three goblins dropped down on him, after which he lost his balance. By the time the rest of the group arrived Psymon was within an inch of his life, lucky the party prevailed, but failed to take any captives.

A mysterious large wolf has also been following the party at a distance. Worrying some members.

Psymon happened to find a ring in the dirt near the old tree. The ring was fairly plain with a off-white blueish oval stone set on it. Further inspection and experimentation by Elric found it to be a magical ring. The ring gave the wearer resistant to cold and after concentrating on it, the user could create a cone of extreme cold in front of him. They also learned the hard way that green trees explode in a cold snap, nearly killing Elric.

With their new weapon in hand the group eventually tracked the goblins to a cave at Mount Moru. After watching the comings and goings of the cave for a few days the group tried to ambush a group of goblins not wearing the cloud/lightning armor approaching from the south. Elric tried to hit the group with a cone of cold but failed horribly causing a rather angry elemental to leap from the ring and turn on him. Quick talking and frantic gesturing by Psymon convinced the elemental that the goblins passing below were really to blame. Confused the elemental turned on the goblins, who were terrified to find such an enemy appear from nowhere. The creatures turned tail and fled with a small ice elemental chasing them for a few minutes before melting.

The hero’s are still camping near the cave plotting what to do next.


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